Route 1 (2 days, Max 10 pax)

Start: Chennai (4 AM)
  • Mandagapattu cave temple
First ever temple built on rocks. Before this temple all were built using bricks.
  • Thalavanur cave temple
      Second cave temple in the same period. Many advancements can be seen when compared with first cave temple.
  • Neolithic rock painting
       5000+ years old rock paintings. (Need to climb mountains. Difficulty level: Hard)
  • Thanjavur big temple
       This temple was 10 times taller than any build structure in the world at the time of completion.
  • Thanjavur Palace
        Typical example for Nayakas and Marathas architecture.
-------Day 2-------
  • Darasuram:
        Most beautiful temple.
  • Gangai Konda Cholapuram
      Most complex structure ever built by human.
  • GKC Maaligai medu
       Ruins of Chola palace.
End: Chennai