Mahendravadi Cave Temple

The contribution of the Pallavas to the cultural development was significant. They encouraged the growth of Tamil and Sanskrit literature. The Pallavas earned name and fame through their developed art and architecture. Mamallapuram finds a prominent place in the tourist map of the world. Even today, their temples and sculptures stand testimony to the cultural achievements of the Pallavas. A very ancient cave temple[1] (monolithic rock cut temple)[2] is under the control of the ASI Department. Maintenance is the major concern with rock cut temples due to limited focus by ASI Dept.[3] This village , erstwhile a big town was established by a Pallava King, Mahendra Varman I, who was ruling the great Pallava kingdom. It was considered that the historical town extended its boundary from the existing Mahendravadi as Mela Veedhi (West Street) and Keezh Veedhi (East Street). Kilvidhi is a village located at the distance of 4.5 km from Mahendravadi. The Parpana street and Big Street shows evidence of a very old house system in culture and towards worship of Lakshmi Narayan and Siva. There are two old temples, namely Siva Temple and Lakshmi Narayanan Temple, which define the history of the village. It was believed that these temples were from the old Pallava history. Lakshmi Narayanan Temple has the oldest statues, and every December has held the festival. Very surprise to note that Mahendra varman 1 is towards Shiva. But the cave temple and Lakshmi Narayanan Temple dedicated to Vishnu. During Karthigai maonth Tamil Month, karthigai deepam festival celebrated in ancient Shiva temple. The temple on the lake is very attractive for devotees in and around the villages/town, where many people come and worship the goddess called "Madhuvathamman" (or "Madhagu Kattha Amman") meaning "Goddess of the Lake reservoir". The nearest town is Nemili. Tourists can visit the town for the famous Lord Veerabhatra Swamy Temple, Lord Siva temple, and Ponniamman temples.