Thiruvanaikka (thiruvannaikoil) is one of the Panchabhoota Stalams signifying the 5 elements of wind (Kalahasti), water (Tiruvanaikka), fire (Tiruvannamalai), earth (Kanchipuram) and space (Chidambaram) which is situated in the banks of Cauvery. Jambukeshwarar and Akilandeswari are the main deities of the temple. The temple is said to have been built by the Chola King Ko Chenkannan and it was of special significance to the Chola kings. Ko Chenkannan is praised by Tamil literature for having built more than seventy temples - and he is historically placed in the Sangam period. This is a vast temple (18 acres) with lofty gopurams, 5 prakarams and ornate mandapams. The second and third prakarams date back to the 13th century. The dwajasthampa mandapam has grand sculptural work. Monolithic stone pillars (made from single stone) are found in the mandapam, situated at the entrance of Aariyavittan tower in 3rd Praharam. Stone chains and 12 zodiac signs are beautifully carved on these pillars. Pillars found in 1000 pillar hall and in various parts of the temple have artistic sculptural works. #WalkWithUs #WalkWithUsDigital #thiruvannaikoil #tiruchirappalli #trichy #Jambukeshwarar #akilandeswari #KochengaCholan