Festival of Lights

The history goes beyond 1000 years!

A person named "Kaadan Mainthan" wants to meet "The Great Raja Raja I" (ArulMozhi Devan) to get aid for maintaining Agneeswarar Temple situated in Kalakkattur in Kanchipuram dist, Tamilnadu. Also he requests an approval for lighting a lamp for the well being and the long life of their beloved king. In turn Raja Raja orders him to lit one more lamp for the well being of the enitre country people.

There was a time where, king lived for the people and vice versa.

Even today you can read the inscripts narrating the above story. But the temple was fully white washed and the whole history too.


Chozhan Anukkan padai and few other facebook friends shared the below post, calling people to join to remove the white paint which is hiding a 1000+ years story.

The temple is way inside the village. Only option to reach the temple was to walk 1.5 kms.

Here is the entire team who helped in cleaning the temple. Few offered us food, few brought us sweets, snacks. All were hard eared money. Everyone's aim was to unearth the history. It was really a pleasure working with this team.

This is the only temple where Raja Raja I's real name Arul Mozhi Devan is inscripted. Both names "Arul Mozhi Deavn" and "Kaada Mainthan" are inscripted in parallel.

WalkWithUs thank the entire people who helped in cleaning this temple. This is truly Amaing. For those who wish to visit this temple with WalWithUs team please write us to contact@walkwithus.in